Let There be Prosperity to all Human Kind irrespective of Race, Caste and Creed.

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The basic purpose of human existence is to realize the self. Soul is considered as the representative of god in the human body, which is made up of Pancha Tantras and represented pancha Jananedriyas. If these gross aspects are properly used for the service of others and self advancement spiritually, then one can overcome the innate sense habits of body identification. We must come, in our days activities to deliberately affirms such inspiring thoughts as purity, love, holiness, devotion and compassion.

Confidence is oneself, quietness within, serenity in the mind and ready willingness to serve others moulds the healthiest personality. With this we can cultivate an extremely hopeful, thriving, selfless affection towards the society around us.

Daily prayer, yoga, meditation are all wonderful therapeutic agencies in building up peace and happiness within an individual, but serving the devoid people brings god closer to us, where we can impose a happiness in our Hearts. So "Service in this world is the Highest prayer, Loving the people around us is the Greatest Devotion.

  We have no choice, we all must work, it is liberty to work. There is luxurious freedom in choosing the right work that can be a spirit of love, dedication, sacrifies and joy. And with on anxiety, no fear, no excitement for the results, but man is essentially selfish and without expecting something in return, he will not do anything.

All are Invited to Join this Maha Yagnam
Because Manava Seve Madhava Seva -
"Service to Humanity is service to GOD"

Serve man until you see God in all men.

Darisi Pavan Kumar
Darisi Seva Samstha

Ms. Sindhu Darisi
Darisi Seva Samstha

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