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Seva Rathna:” Received Title from Chamber of Commerce districts in Ongole-2002. 

 “Veda Vidya Rakshak:” Received from Kutralam Peetam, Tamilnadu, 2003

 “Daanaseeli” Received from Chamber of Commerce, Kavali- India 2002 

Tanguturi Ramakrishna
, B.com.

A.P State Secretary of Chamber of Commerce, Hyderabad.

8-2-19, Brundavan Street, Kavali-524201 India.

Cell No: 98481-77223


To Whom It May Concern: 

I have always been very proud to be with Pavan Kumar Darisi, who is president of World Arya Vysya Mahasabha and Chairmen of Darisi Seva Samastha, and it gives me immense pleasure now to be given the chance to share my thoughts on him.  Through his dedication and his public service, Mr. Pavan Kumar has grown to become a role model for thousands in A.P. India.  To me, he is an institution by himself, doing multiple tasks relentlessly and helping hundreds of thousands of people in pure benevolence.

Following College, Mr. Pavan Kumar went to the United States of America and struggled a lot and worked hard with determination. He bought a  Drugstore which was running under heavy loss named Sunnyside Pharmacy,Queens , USA.  Under his Hard Work this small company has grown to 5 drugstores, in various parts of New York.He is the first Indian who started Online Pharmaceutical Business named Americarx.com,it indicates his entrepreneurship. In all his organizations Mr.Pavan Kumar has given maximum priority to Indians for employment,which clearly shows his affection towards his fellow countrymen.

His talent as a leader and a spokesperson has not gone unnoticed.  In 2003, March 9th. Mr.Pavan Kumar was elected President for the World Arya Vysya Mahasabha at Tirupathi general counsel meeting, further achieve his personal goals for social welfare, Mr.Pavan Kumar established the Darisi Seva Samastha, a efficient charitable trust for the underprivileged. 

He has surpassed the organization’s expectations by expanding service opportunities, establishing local service centers, and creating a communal sense of responsibility and leadership.  Under the Darisi Seva Samstha, and Tanguturi Trust, he has conducted 100 medical camps, including 6 eye camps, 2 orthopedic camps, 2 dental camps, and 5 infertility camps.  

He has been extremely effective in encouraging arts through cultural activities, dramas, musical programs and a Yagam in Ongole, where 10000 people participated.  The Darisi Seva Samstha also held several district level and state level talent competitions, cooking competitions, handicraft competitions, and music competitions.  He constructed a statue of Sri. Potti Sriramulu, a national freedom fighter and the founder of A.P. State, in Kavali and Eluru and constructed Rudra Bhumi in Kavali and Pamuru.    Additionally, he has continually responded quickly and effectually to areas of devastation.  In particular, he donated large quantities of food and blankets to the areas of Orissa, Diviseema, Kona Seema, Ulavapadu, and Nellore, which were heavily hit by cyclones.  He has furthermore provided water, medical aid and food packets to rail accidents in Singaraya konda, Bitragunta, and Ulavapadu.  Moreover, he orchestrated government schemes to largely contribute to Janma Bhumi (rural development) and family planning. 

Overall, his keen sense of compassion and care has grown exponentially throughout the years, as the ramifications of his activities have expanded to include much of southern India.  It is no wonder to me that , Mr. Pavan Kumar is recognized by hundreds of local and national leaders and organizations as a selfless and dedicated humanitarian.  Hopefully, leaders like Mr. Darisi Pavan Kumar will emerge within the future generations of India to further fulfill the dreams of this great leader and this great country. 



 Rama Krishna Tanguturi


©2003 Darisi Seva Samsthan