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It is with joy that we do this dedicated selfless service for relieving the suffering and distress of our fellowmen. Service of man meant an adoration of the Divine Presence that indwelt man as the hidden God within. Nothing would please Worshipful GOD better. Nothing else would make a more appropriate memorial to almighty's ideals of compassion and service. Such good Service can be fully achieved only with the loving active participation, active help and goodwill of all good men and women of noble intent. Therefore, you are cordially invited to join hands with us to realise its fulfillment.

Participate in this Seva Yajna by helping it in all the ways you can. Persuade, induce and inspire others also to do likewise.

Thus, with your noble goodwill, generosity and dynamic participation, this Darisi Seva Samasthan may be able to render most valuable seva to our brethren. Crown yourself with the glory of selfless and spontaneous generosity and loving adoration to the Lord in and through the service of His family- humanity.

The gratitude of the patients and sufferers thus served will be your reward. May God bless all of us!

Our activities are
Manava Seva
  Water Projects :
Permanent Water Project:
Boring wells & pumps: 

Education Services :
College Bus Donation:
Vasavi Educational Trust:
Banglore vasavi Hostel: 
Donations for medical students:
Aid for Education:

Constructions :
Construction of Buildings: 
Construction of Bus Shelters:
Building Renovations:

Medical Aid:
Ambulance Donations :
Medical camps conducted:
Gold Medal Declaration:
Gujarat Earth quake Aid:

Donations to Old Age Homes:

Marriage & Community Halls: 
Madhava Seva
  Temple constructions:

Temple Renovations:

Proposed Delhi Vasavi temple:

Proposed Vasavi Temple hospital:

Boring wells & pumps:   



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